"Vincent" Art gallery was opened in 2007. It is located in the center ofMoscowin Chistie prudy district as a small island of culture. The creators of this cozy and exquisite gallery were inspired by brilliant works of the impressionists, modernists and avant-garde artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and now they represent works of contemporary artists with their spirituality, emotionality and positive perception of the world. Contemporary art can be compared with action movies. It is like an explosion what shocks and surprises the viewer, although cannot stay long in the memory and fades away quickly. Collectors are chasing a sincere spiritual art that will never lose relevance. This is the art we represent in the "Vincent" Art gallery. All works from the collection of the gallery have an artistic value and can be the pride of the collector, be a beautiful interior decoration and a memorable gift.

Our world-famous artists include actual members of the Russian Academy of Arts Victor Razgulin, Ekaterina Grigorieva, Victor Kalinin and Irina Starzhenetskaya; members of the Academy of Arts of the Russian Federation: Elena Surovtseva, Ilya Komov, Daniel Surovtsev, Tatyana Yang, Mukhadin Kishev, Yevgeny and Denis Matsievsky and well-known, popular artists Diana Vouba, Vladimir Chaika, Olga Motovilova-Komova, Dmitry Kedrin, and others. Their works can be found in Russian and foreign Museum collections, galleries and private collections.

The gallery presents collection art and interior decorative art allowing guests to choose work to suit every pocket without being concerned about authorship and quality of the work. We offer modern paintings and graphics, sculptures, ceramics, photography and decorative arts. Our staff is qualified and can provide you with high level service. 

"Vincent" Art gallery regularly hosts cultural and educational events what makes the atmosphere of the gallery friendly and creative.


With best regards,

director of the gallery,

Natalia Slavashevich