WHAT IS PO...? Version. Mono-opera of composer Mikhail Chekalin, performing Natalia Vlasova

MoNo opera of the composer M.Chekalin "What is Po ...?" performed by N. Vlasova. Version. 23.09.2008. M. Chekalin "is one of the most radical innovators of electronic music composers, not only in Russia but also in the whole world." He is the author of symphonic and chamber music, music for the theater, cinema, ballet. He is called to be the founder of the «philharmonic new age» direction. Natalia Vlasova, the Honored Artist of Russia, the Associate Professor of the Institute of Contemporary Art, the graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School in late 60's. She devoted her creative biography to unusual arena of actress-speaker of art sound recording, dubbing foreign films, choosing an acting career "behind the screen"

Natalia's voice were first talked Sophy Loren, Anna Magnani, Monica Vitti, Giulietta Masina, Claudia Cardinale, Marie Laforêt, Meryl Streep, Winona Ryder, as well as more than a thousand herione and characters in hundreds of movies and television films.