In this exhibition the works meet the concept of unconditional aesthetic appeal of the modern age, they are presented as irreplaceable objects for interior decoration and luxury gifts for any budget. You can visit the gallery and see the exhibition at any time, art galleries consultants will answer any questions on the sale or lease of works. 
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The authors of the exhibition are well-known artists whose work is characterized by a recognisible style, aesthetic beauty and the influence of Modernism ( Art Nouveau, Art Deco, symbolism) of the last century. In their work, as in the works of the time there is a profound knowledge of the classical traditions in art and history of ancient cultures. This knowledge, as  an echoe of the greatness of past era, veiled in proportions plots, lines, ornaments and patterns within the silhouette of the time and works by contemporary authors, mixing with bright beautiful color. With this exhibition, we rediscover the "young (new, modern) style" when artists do not care of the look of their works, but care about the impression and the mood they give the audience, and how harmonious and light becomes a space filled with their work. Artists emphasize their connection with the audience and show unconditional love for them and the nature of the perfect form of their works and a deep symbolic meaning, which is very delicate and metaphorically they inform the audience. Even in the most troubled times, the modernists of the 20th century and our contemporaries are not shocking, they give as gifts and please the audience, providing them with the energy of beauty, vitality and enlightenment.

Excerpt from press inquiries:
"Modern writers are like pilgrims in time send us back to a beautiful Art Nouveau era where everything was subordinated primarily by aesthetic perfection and conventions, ghostly stories. The idea of the author, even the most serious or sad, hiding in beautiful shape, elevating and illuminating everything around it. Art works of the time "forced" people to change the habitat and lifestyle within their interiors and scenery, full of harmony. The owners of such works and the audience vaccinated with more refined taste will now be us ... These artists will certainly have their vision and new features in their works, which makes this exhibition even more interesting and exciting. "