PLUS ULTRA / BEYOND. Solo exhibition of Vasily Parshukov


In his works, rostov artist Vasily Parshukov brings together contradictory tendencies of the classical school, as well as indigenous isms of the second half of XX century. His paintings are historical, literary and biblical scenes in the form of expressive, ironic and trenchant images which surprise the viewer with its sincerity and emotion. Images take a good aim, showing deep believes of man about nature of phenomena in history. The content of his works is outside the real life, the artist draws his inspiration in dreams, books, his own imagination and genetic memory. The combination of colors in his works often creates dissonance, undermining the rules of coloristics. Lines are smooth and continuous. The impression is that the artist paints a picture in one breath, following the intuition and the imagination.

Speaking about his painting, moscow art critic Sofia Zubareva notes that "taking from the fauves saturated and contrasting colors, their preference for red spots on a greenish-bluish background, the artist creates his works in expressionism, which aimed rather to display the reality in its natural state and to demonstrate to the audience the internal state of the author's paintings and his vision of the world."

The artist himself highlights the influence of the so-called transavantgard artists, in particular, the Perestroika time art group "Art or death". Performed in an absolutely free and even provocative manner, his work have a lot in common with German expressionism, they are made in the spirit of nonconformism.

"Plus Ultra!" - "For our own limits! For the limits which are not imposed by society and mind!" - this is the moto of Vasily Parshukov.