COLORS OF DARKNESS. ITALY. Neon installation by Rosanna Ferrau


A hundred years ago one parisian barbershop for the first time used a neon sign to attract people's attention. Later, neon lightning became extremely popular in the art of 40-s. European and american artists started to use neon in their works, analyzing it's language and texture and turning the "shining structure" into a piece of art. Neon as a material is not only very expressive and variative, but also combines industrial and handicraft aspects.

Such artists as Dan Flavin, Joseph Kosuth, Maurizio Nannucci, Francois Morellet, Bruce Nauman, Mario Merz, Pierpaolo Calzolari, and also Maurizio Cattelan, Tracey Emin, Alfredo Jaar, Jason Rhoades, Tsuneko Taniuchi, Vedovamazzei, Flavio Favelli, Piero Golia and Riccardo Previdi used and still are using neon lightning for expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Another important thing is that neon is also a part of pop culture. It's a widely known fact that many famous artists sometimes borrowed elements of pop culture to make their art pieces more edgy and modern.

Rosanna Ferrau  uses the light as a painter uses the brush. She is the only artists who expresses folk art through using such a modern material as neon. Rosanna emphasizes that there is a very thin border between handicraft and fine art and she believes that her works should express the art heritage of Sardinia.