SYSTEM. A group exhibition of students of British Higher School of Art and Design

The main idea of the project is reflected in the name - System. The artists are united under one concept and their works represent different ideas which are based on a unique artist's system.

Sofia Kesidou "Sign", "Series of Elements I-IV", "Turn left sign". This series of work concentrates on a theme of repetition. The created algorithm (photo, tracing, repeating) as well as experimentation with materials helps the artist to research the city. Despite the fact that works are graphic, there is a reason why the paints are chosen as the main material. It allows to create layers and also makes the process repetitive, in the end creating a "perfect" image. Sofia didn't use stencils, only brushes. In the artwork "Turn left sign" is shown the idea that road signs work only when they are put all aroung in the city, not only in one place, because then it makes no sence. "Series of elements I-IV" based on photos and turned into a geometrical abstraction. Something figurative creates a harmonius composition which is lates becomes a series of works.

Ye Chan Cheong Series "Dichotomy of feelings". The artist in his works tries to reflect emotions formed during different types of human relationships as colous on a pure white paper, concentrating more on positive ones like love and compassion. Because we cannot divide good from bad completely, the feelings goes hand by hand, existing in one reality on his paintings. Ye Chan started from uncontrolled, mixed splashes of emotions, initially expressing himself through the works, but in his lates works he tries to communicate with the audience more and more what makes the result more accurate. Rather then put everything in, he picks the clearest emotion.

Natalia Bazarnova "Experimental mapping series: Error". The main task of this project is to work with the notion of system through the prism of mappping and an attempt to show what happens if this system breaks. System here should be understood as a number of things which work together. There is a set of maps of one place. These maps are connected among each other and contain clear information about the territory of the town. However, the system breaks and the map looses its meening. It turns out as a glitch, the language of maps becomes distorted. The colour disappears ans systematic qualities of the map become just a part of an abstract play.

Maria Smirnova "System of colour perception". This work was based on a process which occurs in our brain every second. We do not notice it but due to this process we are able to perceive visual information all around us with our eyes. Visual perception is a well-organised system and colour is just a tool for perceiving different objects. But when we look on a colour itself, we can notice it's unique qualities and mood, which is different for every colour. This work is an attempt to understand how physics of colours is connected with our perception of this tool.

Vasilisa Bessarabenko "Conversations", "Untitled (I-II)", "Summer collection". The aim of the project is to reflect on rare precious moments the artist spended with her son. In "summer collection" series Vasilisa uses a repetitive simple pattern taken from her son's drawings. She makes a series of ink prints on a bright colored paper creating a special colour-memory system, a colour diary. In a second part of her work she uses bites of off-contest conversations typed up manually with stamps and leading to the same result - to preserve the memories, create a diary.