Art gallery "Vincent" presents to the audience a warm, bright and beautiful project called "SUMMERTIME". This summer marathon of group exhibitions of contemporary Russian artists, who was inspired by impressionism, post-impressionism, conceptualism, expressionism, surrealism and hyperrealism art works.
Why did we choose these isms? The answer is very simple. We have created a project about colors of summer in a variety of forms. Such popular art movements of the XX century are still relevant and draw the attention with nice colours, balanced composition and with a desire to cause emotions.
Participants of the first group exhibition "Midsummer impressions"

Maria Afanasieva (Moscow)

Natalia Rahlina (Moscow)

Sergey Irishev (Moscow)

Irina Bogdanova (Moscow)

Dmitry Kedrin (Moscow)

Alla Kolpakova (Moscow)

Alexey Anikin (Nizhny Novgorod)

Rimma Iliina (Riga)

Participants of the second group exhibition "July dreams"

Graphic art and sculpture

 Daria Klimova (Moscow)

Alla Kolpakova (Moscow)

Anna Goltaeva (Moscow)

 Maria Afanasieva (Moscow)

Danila Surovcev (Moscow)

and others... 


Participants of the third group exhibition "Midsummer impressions"

Andrew Boris

Marina Boris

Andrew Vishnevsky

 Sergey Dvoryaninov

Marina Kozlova

Julia Rumyanceva 

Participants of the fourth group exhibition "Summer fantasy"
Painting, ceramics and floral compositions

Ella Ivanova

Vasily Parshukov

Andrew Vishnevsky

 Sergey Dvoryaninov

Marina Kozlova

Julia Rumyanceva