rent of the gallery

You can rent the space of the gallery and the courtyard for holding an exhibition, presentation and wine tasting, workshops and seminars and other events.

organization of exhibitions and events

You can rent out the space of our gallery for your own exhibition or participate in group exhibitions which Vincent art gallery holds frequently.

rent an art work

In Vincent art gallery you can not only buy an art piece but also rent it. Time bounds: 1-30 days for rental payment.

interior design

Vincent art gallery offers services in interior design, creation of design projects and building art collections.

buy an art work

The gallery offers works of art and design: oil painting, graphics, sculpture; photography and ceramics; posters and floral compositions; handmade jewelry for women; art souvenirs etc.

order prints and photography

You can order any print or photography from the catalog of different kind of medium and size.


order a uniquely designed fireplace

"Vincent" art gallery provides clients with services for ornamental decoration of fireplaces and stoves with tiles, creating decorative panels, etc. made by our artists-ceramists Natalia Lapteva.

order a floral composition

Floristic company "FLORANS", a business partner of the Vincent art gallery, provides us with beautiful floral compositions which are perfect for interior decoration.